AKL-FY300 300m Depth Pneumatic Drilling Rig

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                     1,  Guangxi Yuchai diesel engine, strong power;
                     2,  the patented design of the composite boom, double cylinder lift, long trip, high tonnage
                     3,  Each rig is equipped with stoppers to raise the big arm to protect the safety of the cylinder.
                     4, rig chassis: professional excavator chassis, durable, large bearing capacity, chain width, hard road damage;
                     5, Parallel transmission design, separate oil pump, sufficient power supply, reasonable distribution, unique design of hydraulic system
                     6, The traveling motor is equipped with a gear box, which is durable and has a long service life.  
                     7,  Dustfall device: Effectively reduce dust pollution damage, aiming at pit and tunnel construction
                     8,  Efficient distribution valve: speed three gear up to 115 rpm, basic dual-use water vapor function  

This DTH Pneumatic drilling rig is designed  for water well drilling, geothermal air-conditioning project and boreholes, especially applicable to mountain area and rock formation, work better in hard rock layer. 

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