KT9C Kaishan Integrated DTH Drilling Rig.

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1.Portable drilling machine for mine feeding structure by large power hydraulic motor can supply strong torque reserve and reduce the sticking rate.

2.Adopt adjustable boom, the dip angle of hole and Level hole height can adjust by control the oil tank stretch out and draw back.Also enlarge the drilling scope and improved the adaptability.

3.Portable drilling machine for mine has Low gravity, great ground clearance, make cars easily make drill through rugged road.

4.The highly centralized control console is simple and convenient in layout, and can judge the status of the drill truck more intuitively and clearly. All action instructions are clear and easy to operate.

5.It can effectively rotate with powerful rotary head. It can The engineering track is equipped with frame leveling oil cylinder, which has strong climbing ability and is suitable for all kinds of rough roads. 

KT9C integral type high wind pressure openair crawler drilling rig is using a power to drive hydraulic system Suitable for openpit mine, quarry, highway,railway, water conservancy, electric power, construction and other medium and deep hole in the stone engineering extension rod drilling

Model of drill rig KT9C
Drilling hardness f=6-20
Drilling diameter 100-125mm
Depth of economical drilling 21m
Travelling speed 2.5/4.0km/h
Climbing capacity 25°
Ground clearance 430mm
Power of complete machine 194kw/2200r/min 205kw/2200r/min
Diesel engine QSC8.3-C260-30/Cummins QSC8.3-C260-30
YCA08280-T300/Yuchai YCA08280-T300
Capacity of screw compressor 17m³/min
Discharge pressure of screw compressor 17bar
Outer dimensions(L*W*H) 815*2260*3000mm
Weight 12000kg
Rotation speed of gyrator 0-120r/min
Rotary torque 2800N*m
Maximum push-pull force 32000N
Lifting angle of beam Up 57°, down 20°
Tilt angle of beam 114°
Swing angle of carriage Right 95°, left 35°
Lateral horizontal swing angle of carriage Right -18°~50°
Swing angle of drill boom Right 53°, left 15°
Leveling angle of frame ±10°
One-time advance length 3490mm
Compensation length 900mm
DTH hammer K40
Drilling rod 76*3000mm
Method of dust collecting Dry type (hydraulic cyclonic laminar flow)

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