JDL-280 mine exploration drilling rig

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1. Rotary speed ranges 33-1120r/min, and the maximum output torque is 9800N.m
2. The drilling rig adopts a long-stroke double-speed mechanism, a mechanical drilling head, and a stroke of 200MM, which is used to improve drilling efficiency and reduce drilling pipe getting stuck
3. The drilling rig adopts double hydraulic pumps for oil supply,  single pump is used when drilling, and a double pump is used for confluence when lifting and lowering the drill; In that way,  reduce power loss and save time.
4. The crawler chassis is adopted, and the outrigger cylinder can be automatically loaded with a stroke of 1.5m, which is convenient for relocation and transportation
5. The drilling rig reserves some functional interfaces in the mechanical and hydraulic system, which can be expanded according to the technological requirements of different users

JDL-280 is a mechanical transmission top-drive drilling rig, it is widely used for exploration drilling, wie line core drilling,( NQ, HQ, PQ), water well drilling, geothermal well. It has Rpn 33-1120Rpm, this is good for all kinds of drilling methods, and it can even do air drilling when work with air compressor. A true multi-function drilling rig。

Ø42 Mud  Drilling Depth (m) 300m
NQ  Wireline Drilling (m) 260m
Ø 89 Air Drilling (m) 200m
 Drilling Diameter(mm)                 115-350
 Lifting Capacity (Ton) 10
 Thrusting Capacity(Ton)              5
 Rotary Speed( r/min) 33/63/113/162/192/237/303/537/906/1120
 Max. Torque(N.m) 9800
 Drilling Method Mechanical top head rotation,  mud and DTH hammer drilling
 Engine Model                             YN27
 Rated Power 42kw
 Mechanical Winch(Ton) 4.5
 Drill Pipe Diameter(mm) Ø76/ Ø89
Drill Pipe Length(mm) 2000
Air Consumption(m³/min) 16~35
 Air Pressure(bar) 10.5~24.6
 Walking Speed (km/h)            0-2
 Climbing Angle(°)                20
 Transport Condition(mm) 4600*1575*2300
Working Condition(mm)       3480*2375*7600
Weight (kg) 3800

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