PDC drill bit

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1. Big hole design, chip space is big, high drilling efficiency in soft rock.
2. Cutting free surface, sharp blade, with self-sharpening feature, high drilling efficiency.
3. High resistance to wear.
4. According to stratum characteristics, selecting different drilling and surface structure, bit strong adaptability.
5. High effective utilization rate of drilling time and auxiliary time is short, effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers and good comprehensive benefits. 

PDC Bit is a full-scale drilling bit, mainly be used in construction ,mining, geology, coal, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, high speed railway and bridge etc. 

line number Specification
Drilling procedure parameters
Drill pressure Rotating speed pump volume
1 28 300-700kg 300-350rpm 150-200/min
2 30 300-700kg 300-350rpm 150-200/min
3 32 300-700kg 300-350rpm 150-200/min
4 48 300-700kg 300-350rpm 120-160/min
5 56 320-800kg 250-350rpm 130-180/min
6 75 480-1200kg 200-300rpm 150-200/min
7 94 640-1600kg 150-250rpm 200-250/min
8 110 880-2200kg 120-200rpm 200-300min
9 152 1500-3000kg 100-200rpm 500-850/min
10 190 1800-4000kg 100-200rpm 600-1200/min
11 230 2200-4500kg 100-120rpm 750-1400/min
12 270 2400-5000kg 100-120rpm 1000-1500/min

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